68-Year-Old Florida Couple Successfully Captures Crazy Home Invader

Inept robber Alejandro Carlson found out the hard way that a whole lot of Floridians are packing heat.

After getting shot during a botched robbery, he ran into the neighboring home of a 68-year-old couple only to find himself held at gunpoint until police arrived.

The string of events started at about 4:30 a.m. on Thursday according to The Florida Times Union. Carlson, 32, was trying to pry open the door of a sun room of a home in the neighborhood when 33-year-old Maya Trout heard her dog barking. She noticed Carlson's attempted break in, grabbed her gun, and shot him with birdshot. (FYI that's the same type of typically nonlethal ammunition Dick Cheney shot his friend with that one time.)

Carlson started running and then entered the home of 68-year-olds Joseph and Joanne Farley. Still bloody, he tossed his knife on their kitchen counter, stormed into their bedroom and yelled, "They're after me." He asked the couple to call 911.

He then took off through out the house, but Joanne noticed that her bathroom door had been closed. She tried to open it, with Carlson inside, but the two started grabbing at each other. Joseph got involved and tried to grab Carlson, but Carlson pushed the elderly man away and continued running through the house.

"He was whacked on drugs, and he was very, very high," Joanne told the Times-Union.

Joanne was finally able to corner Carlson in the laundry room. Joseph grabbed his gun and held him at gunpoint until police arrived.

"My home is my domain, and I'm going to protect it," Joanne said. "Any woman would."

Carlson was arrested and charged with armed burglary and assault.

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