2012 In Weird Florida Sex: Part Two of the WTF Florida Awards

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Special Achievement in Masturbation
We all do it. Some of us just get more attention for it. The nominees: 

  • Tracy Mabb for getting naked and touching herself in the middle of an intersection [source]
  • Ashley Holton for backing up traffic as she touched herself on the side of a highway [source]
  • Jeffery Marriott for whacking in his front yard, and leaving an "unknown clear liquid substance" on his door knob when cops came. [source]
  • Jennifer Piranian for masturbating at a Starbucks. [source]
  • Unknown man who had to show a police officer his genital rash to prove he wasn't masturbating in public, but merely itching himself. [source]

And the winner is: Tracy Mabb.

Yes, it was the mugshot.

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Kyle Munzenrieder