1048 Condoms on the Beach. And we're no. 3.

Now comes the news that Florida -- thanks, Curtis Morgan -- is number three in the nation for trashiest beaches after California and North Carolina. Come on!

One thousand, three hundred and forty-eight condoms. That's nothing for South Beach. (A friend of mine from NY used to call em Coney Island Whitefish.) Check out this video of garbage on the beach. Here Comes the Sun, indeed.

I mean, as in all things grimy, slimey and sexy, we oughta be number one. This is what makes us the perverse capital of the world....and this is the way we ought to stay,

I nominate North Beach at 71st Street as the most disgusting stretch in Florida, followed closely by Hallandale just south of Hallandale Beach Blvd.

By the way, I should note that I have taken part in a couple of those Save the Bay clean-ups, mostly on the JFK Causeway.....and believe this is something everybody oughta do...I mean, I found a baby carriage one year. And a playpen the next. I could have outfitted my whole house!

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