Your Nirvana Nostalgia Fix: Beached Miami's Complete Nevermind Miami Covers Compilation

The project drew from an eclectic array of South Florida rock acts, with proper nods to punk, indie rock and various psychedelic iterations. The classical-style rendition of "Smells Like Teen Spirit," by The Baby B-Strings and KDK-12's abstract "Endless, Nameless" are the most exciting contributions to the collection because of their cross-genre reworking.

It would have been cool to see more artists from other genres (country-and-or-blues, experimental electronic, pop-slash-dance electronic, etc) take a stab at translating Nirvana. But what's presented is still certainly eclectic.

Rachel Goodrich, Animal Tropical, and Lil Daggers all interrogated the most basic components of their selections, and greatly altered the chemistry of the respective songs they covered.

Plains, Sam Friend, and Guy Harvey approached the endeavor like expert shoe polishers, transforming tattered Chuck Taylor's into glistening knee-high boots that smell of musk and manners.

Eztorbo's rendition of "Breed" is particularly notable for it's ever-so-slightly increased tempo, a small effect that goes a long way.

But here's what we really wanna know ... Which cover is your favorite, grungehead?

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.