Your Mother Likes Drugs! What the Hell, It's Roach Motel!

Roach Motel

What the Hell, It's Roach Motel

(Destroy Records)


Take the Dead Kennedys' linguistically progressive rants, the social critique via saxophones of CH3, water it down with the mind-altering misused politics of Minor Threat, add a half-cup's worth of the youthfulness of Youth Brigade, and mix in a handful of Quaaludes.

Now forget everything I just said ... Imagine the Reagan politics of the 1980s, a bunch of snot-nosed and angry white kids in central Florida completely surrounded by the living dead (i.e. senior citizens) and you'll get the idea. This is fucking Roach Motel. This is good. This begat the endemically Floridian punk rock of Gay Cowboys in Bondage and Pin Kai. 

Roach Motel did its fucking best to do away with the niceties that plague many an upstart punk rock band. Did it make them famous in their day? No. Did the boys go on to collect a myriad of accolades spouting off on their contributions to humanity? Most certainly not. What they did do, was establish a vehemently un-PC status quo in an era when PC-ness was the norm. Fuck the PC!

It is no wonder an original copy of this slab of wax costs a small fortune on the collector's market. The players on this recording were Bob Fetz on vocals, South Florida's best friend Jeff Hodapp on guitars and vocals, Frank Mullen on drums, and Russ Avery on bass. This 1984 release is a product of its time, especially the track "Brooke Shields Must Die." 

"Frenzy" and "Nothing to Lose" are classic teen-angst punk songs. But it really splits the seams with "What If Your Mom Liked Drugs," "Pizza Face," and "Chowburger" before getting all Ted fucking Nugent on "I Wanna Keep My Gun."

What the Hell, It's Roach Motel, like the rest of the band's recorded legacy is available on the Worstest Hits discography CD and you can order a copy here. Will it make your life better? I think so. Download the MP3 below and ask your coworkers how much their mammies would like a barbiturate cocktail washed down with sunny mojitos tonight!

Download: Roach Motel's "What If Your Mom Liked Drugs"

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