YMCMB: Seven Signs of the Young Money Empire's Decline

Alright, the YMCMB crew is definitely at the top of the world right now. But it seems like things are beginning to go astray.

The label's Holy Trinity is Wayne, Drake, and Nicki. But lately, they're doing strange things, picking dumb fights with other famous people, and garnering the wrong kinds of headlines.

They say, no press is bad press. But if these Young Money maniacs continue to alienate themselves from their fans and famous friends, could we be seeing the beginning of the end of the YMCMB empire?

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7. Nicki on American Idol

Yes, American Idol is a huge show, even if its ratings continue to dwindle. But being a judge on AI is something that's always been reserved for washed-up former stars. So should she hang it up? Flatscreen? Honestly, we can't tell if Minaj is only there to boost views for a show heading into its 12th season. Or if Nicki really needs Idol as much as it needs her.

6. Wayne Focuses on Skating

Now and again, Weezy has always taken time away from music, whether to serve a stint in prison or whatever. Lately, though, it seems he might be ready to give up the game and focus more on his children and skateboarding career. But can YMCMB really survive without the leadership of the rap game's shortest marketing genius?

5. Drake's Controversial Aaliyah Album

Drake was recently tapped to put together a posthumous album for the late beloved singer Aaliyah. This project should be a tribute to the departed R&B queen. But Drizzy doesn't really seem intent on honoring her musical legacy. In fact, he's making mischief, not friends. He's never even tried to contact artists that actually knew the singer when she was alive. Timbaland and Missy Elliot, both close Aaliyah, seem to find it slightly offensive and just plain weird.

4. Wayne's Mixtape Flop

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When Weezy hit the scene as a teenager, he blew the older boys away. When he matured a bit and dropped Tha Carter III, he blew the minds of everyone from rap fans to hipsters and critics. These days, his rhymes are getting lazy, his delivery less enthusiastic, his wordplay redundant. He recently dropped Dedication 4 to seriously lackluster reviews. Could Wayne be slippin'? Is he goin' soft?

3. Nicki's Mixtape Flip Flop

In fact, Nicki's 23-second feature on Wayne's Dedication 4 seemed to spark more interest than the whole thing itself. Mostly because of some rhymes about, uh, politics. In a lame attempt to be clever, Nicki said she was a "Republican voting for Mitt Romney," completely confusing listeners, critics, and even the President. "I don't know what's going on there," Obama commented. Of course, Nicki's since revealed it was totally meaningless bullshit. And it's even been discovered she's not registered to vote at all.

2. Wayne vs. NYC

New York City is the birthplace of hip-hop, the home of Nicki Minaj, and one of the most revered cultural metropolises of the entire world. But still, Lil Wayne finds it wanting. "Flat out: I don't like New York," he told MTV, prompting one of the state's senators to demand Weezy issue an official apology. Or never come back. "Millions of New Yorkers listen to his music every day. His comments outraged his local fans and residents," Sen. Malcolm Smith said.

This after both Wayne and Nicki upset fans at a local Hot 97 concert by pulling out of the headlining spot for being called "pop" acts. Homie, be honest with yourself, Nicki is the most sugary pop thang on the radio. It's OK to embrace reality.

1. YMCMB vs. The Throne

Though Lil Wayne and Drake used to be tight with Kanye and Jay, things have turned entirely sour. After a series of beefs through the years, the culmination has come in the form of a straightforward tweet from the head of Young Money himself. "Fuk pusha t and anybody that love em," Weezy tweeted in May, and we all know who's got Pusha T's back. We're not saying, "This is the end." We're just saying, "Go ask Damon Dash how fighting with HOV worked out for him."

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