Wolfgang Gartner Gives It Hard to South Beach's Story Nightclub, January 18

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He took over the stage at about 1:30 a.m. under flashing blue and white lights. Standing solo behind the decks, surrounded by ambient atmosphere and dancing shadows in the VIP, Gartner threw his arms up and air piano-ed the first rising melodies.

Wolfgang started his set off smooth with a hint of disco, getting the crowd ready for what would be a straight shot to an energetic climax. The intimate dance floor at Story is surrounded on every side by tables while stairs at the back of the club lead to the second and third floors, with more tables and more bars.

The walls are covered in geometric patterns lined with bright LEDs, much like the pillars dividing the floor from the side bars. The whole thing has a kind of alien look to it. But the pièce de résistance is absolutely the cascading light bubbles that hang elegantly above the heads of party-goers, blinking along with the beat.

Gartner amped up the mood a bit, running through a tight remix of Justice's "Civilization." Dancers in small black bras and panties accessorized with head scarves and sunglasses danced on top of either side of his booth, as well as by the stairs and in the VIP. Even the dancers seemed edgier than their LIV counterparts, as though they might bite your head off if you looked at them funny, but in a sexy kind of bitch way.

Known for his edge and prowess behind behind the decks, Wolfgang didn't take it easy on the bottle-service crowd at all. He went all-in, looping and wrecking his tracks almost beyond recognition, hitting the filters and glitching out everything for ultimate insanity. He's the father of what the young kids call "complextro," a fidgety brand of hard electro that bleeps and bloops like a robot on the fritz with a serious funky side.

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