Wish You Were There: Phish's NYE AAA Show on YouTube

While some people just don't get that the wave of fan videos is unstoppable -- hello Fontainebleau on New Year's Eve, and the entire Universal Music Group -- other bands have welcomed that kind of participation and sharing from the beginning. People have been trading concert tapes since the technology was available, but before electronic file sharing, Phish really became the kings of encouraging fans to do so. For Phish's recent four-night run at American Airlines Arena, as usual there were separate taper tickets... Anybody could capture the shows on YouTube, though!

The band wisely uploaded some of its own high-quality footage, though. From Phish's official YouTube channel, here's the band's countdown to midnight at the New Year's Eve show. The video includes the whole disco ball cannon gag our reviewer described, right up to the point where "Sarah from Pittsburgh" sits down to fill in on drums.

Here's how it looked from a fan's view, from YouTube user weekap420.

In fact, this guy uploaded seemingly almost the whole damn concert. So if you missed it, check out these videos of the band playing "Water in the Sky," "Swept Away Steep," "Punch You In the Eye," a cover of the Velvet Underground's "Rock and Roll," "Joy," "Piper," "Down With Disease," and many others. Just check his YouTube channel.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.