Wish You Were There: Over the Weekend of June 4 to 7

Wish You Were There is a new column on Crossfade highlighting

pictures and videos from around the web of the weekend's biggest shows.

The biggest thing going in Miami this past weekend was the Poplife 10-year anniversary event, which luckily barely escaped the day's torrential rain. But still, nada about this on Flickr or YouTube -- maybe the inclement weather drove people to leave their expensive equipment at home. No worries, though, New Times' own slideshow of the party is still forthcoming.

Still, all the usual sites were eerily devoid of much music

documentation around town this past weekend. Perhaps it really was a

few days best left for hibernating.

So, here's a photo of a local band playing out of town -- Fort Lauderdale's Ghost of Gloria, who rocked it in Gainesville on Saturday night. I found the snap above on verymanley's Flickr photostream. You can click here

to check out a few more pictures of the show. (BTW, you can still vote

for Ghost of Gloria in Hard Rock's Ambassadors of Rock contest finals

-- click here.)

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