Wish You Were There: Lita Ford Sings "Close My Eyes Forever" at Revolution

Lita Ford may have taken a long while out of the spotlight, but the Internet ephemera floating around, capturing her show last weekend at Revolution, proves she's got staying power. There's really something about a woman who owns her sexuality and still kicks ass. Also, her 1988 hit duo with Ozzy, "Close My Eyes Forever," is a classic guilty-pleasure power ballad jam. Well, hell, you shouldn't feel guilty about rocking out to that one in the car alone. None of the people in these YouTube videos from the Fort Lauderdale show do. 

Here's Lita onstage at the club performing the song with Geoff Tate of Queensryche. The first half of this clip, which comes from YouTube user therealstevis, features more singing by some random chick in the crowd than by the actual band, but stay tuned for the guitar duo jam that starts around 2:45. (There are other versions on the site, too, from user trish31271,  from user metalcuban, and from user gear3101.)

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Arielle Castillo
Contact: Arielle Castillo