What You Listening To, Fernando Perdomo?

Forward Motion Records CEO and Dreaming in Stereo frontman Fernando Perdomo is one of the hardest working dudes in Miami. He's a passionate guy, "one of Miami music's biggest cheerleaders," and a social media addict.

Last month, Perdomo digitally released Forward Motion Records Live, a compilation album featuring 14 South Florida acts. Perdomo, who lost his mother earlier this year, is donating half the proceeds to cancer research.

He's currently "putting finishing touches on the new Chris Alvy Band album." But he took the time to answer the question on everyone's mind: What are you listening to, Fernando Perdomo?

Crossfade: What's the one album you've had on constant loop over the past week?

Perdomo: Aside from test mixes of the new Chris Alvy Band album, Art Noise,  I have been listening to Nothing Is Wrong by Dawes, alternating with 15 Minutes by Nik Kershaw.

What are the top five songs Miami should be listening to right now?
Five songs by Miami People that are making us proud.

1. ANR's "Stay Kids." They just got picked for SXSW.

2. Taylor Locke and The Roughs' "What Have I Done." Chris Price, Miami Beach Represent.

3. Rachel Goodrich's "Popsicles." Making national press and killing it.

4. Jorge Moreno's "Thank You." Winner of the International Songwriting Competition Video Contest  judged by Tom Waits, Peter Gabriel, Jeff Beck, and My Morning Jacket.

5. MIKA's "Love Today." It's older but I cannot think of a bigger worldwide hit recorded in Miami with local rock scene people on it -- Derek Cintron of DC-3 , Dylan Schiavone of Hail Mary, and co-written and produced by Jodi Marr of Hail Mary.

What's the last album you listened to in its entirety on vinyl?

Blood Sweat and Tears' Child is the Father to the Man I LOVE Vinyl!

What's the last album you purchased that you regret not illegally downloading because it sucked?

Hate to say this ... The Whole Love by Wilco. I love Wilco and Autumn Defense, but they are pulling a Radiohead with this one. It's weird and meandering and forgettable.

Quick, top three albums that pop into your head when you hear the word "twisted."

Kate Bush's The Dreaming; Tori Amos' Boys for Pele; King Crimson's Lizard

Experts say you should brush your teeth for the duration of a song. What's the best track for flossing?

"Her Majesty" by the Beatles. I hate flossing.

You're on a plane that's been hijacked by chimps. Everything's B-A-N-A-N-A-S and the chances of survival are incredibly slim. What song's playing in the background as the scene unfolds?  

"Bat Macumba" by Os Mutantes.

Forward Motion Records' The Chris Alvy Band CD release party. Thursday, December 11. PAX Miami, 337 SW 8th St, Miami. Visit

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