Wednesday Blog Watch: REVMiami's Anniversary, Soul in Hollywood, Dubstep Mixes

*It's been a while since we checked in on REVMiami, Ric Delgado's webzine that aims to capture the underground music and arts culture of the city -- well, mostly along the Biscayne Corridor. It's been almost a damn year and he's still at it, for which he deserves major kudos. In fact, one of the problems with trying to do this blog roundup is that so many sites start, then fade away a couple months later.

So, this isn't really about a post on the site, but I wanted to point out the site celebrates its one-year anniversary on February 19 at White Room, with performances by a bunch of local favorites like ArtOfficial, Astari Nite, Tristan Clopet, Radioboxer, and so on. Full details (complete with sappy thank-you letter) are here.

If you want to check out a cool recent post over there, though, check out the latest installment of Big City Breakdown, in which Delgado's crew captures a local artist playing acoustically somewhere in the wilds of South Florida. This one features Fernando Perdomo's group Dreaming in Stereo, which lately seems to be mentioned in like, every other post here on Crossfade.

*Musik Is My Hometown is a new local one-woman blog with great promise, posting pretty in-depth reviews and quick videos of mostly local hip-hop and R&B shows. Blogger Tanya promises ramped-up activity for 2010, and fills in a niche not really covered by too many other local blogs: soul! Yes, soul, as opposed to much soul-less commercial R&B. There are a ton of entries here from the weekly Soulcial party at Ginger Bay Cafe in Hollywood; the most recent is about "big hair, big voice" singer CeCe Teneal

*DJ Afro Monk's blog is under the radar, but is a good read for anyone into bass-heavy, left-field electronic sounds like dubstep, glitch, trip-hop, and so on. It's one of the few local music blogs that's updated nearly every day, so hopefully he keeps it up. Recent posts include plenty of free mixes and podcasts to download. 

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Arielle Castillo
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