Wednesday Blog Watch: Free Music, Not-Free Music, Hot Girls at Clubs

*Lots of fun stuff over at the Sweat Records site, but act fast on this first one. You can get that new JESP record that we wrote about last week, for free, from this download link. Or, you can also bite the bullet and support a local artist and, ahem, do a paid download from there for just $9.99. Also awesome in recent posts: Sweat's logo, Disko, came to life for Halloween at O.H.W.O.W. So cute. Check the photos.

*Let's not forget Radio-Active Records holding it down in Fort Lauderdale. These must be super time-consuming to prepare, but the shop has started posting exhaustive weekly updates (complete with album art!) of its music shipments. Now you can cop that new Bleach reissue. 

*A couple weeks old, but worth checking out. At the Roofless Records site, a free download of a demo by Rare Fruit. It's a side project of Space Voodoo Crystal, from Miami. (It's okay to not have heard of them, they seem to be a new act on that Night-of-Weirds-type scene). While the latter is kind of hip-hop (kind of), Rare Fruit is more of an acoustic-meets-ambient-soundscape kind of thing. Well, check out the six tracks for yourself and then try on your own to explain it in a way that makes sense. BTW, Roofless Records is putting on a little in-store at Sweat on November 14; click here to check out the flyer. 

*More free music: Over at Penned Madness, 561-repping DJ GlowTape! shares this post-Halloween mini-mix. Lots of re-edited banging-type stuff.

*Here's a new photography site featuring lots of flash-heavy photos of hot girls at clubs: Italians do it better.

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