Weakest. YouTube Remix. Ever

The video with Latarian Milton, the 7-year-old badass/hood rat enthusiasts that stole his mother's SUV in Palm Beach Gardens is definitely making the rounds of the blogosphere right now.

So there's no surprise that a remix of the footage has surfaced on YouTube set to music.

Initially, that sounds cool and there's definitely some hilarious viral remixes like

Bubb Rubb "Whistle Tip" remix or the Leprechaun "Gimme Da Gold" remix that are just as fun as the originals.

But whoever posted this shit below gets the gas face. It's the laziest, sorriest, and weakest excuse for a YouTube remix that I've ever seen.

I know somebody can make a better reworking of Latarian's stellar quotes than this.

Here's the original in case you haven't seen it.

--Jonathan Cunningham

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