Visit a Post-Apocalyptic Wasteland With ¡Mayday!'s New "Sweat Shop" Video

Back in the day (circa 1950), every person on Planet Earth was panicked about the impending apocalypse.

The Soviets were hoarding warheads like bottles of vodka. The United States government was stacking 'em up like Coca-Cola. And in the interest of "national security," our nation's very best physicists and other nuclear fission freaks were regularly holding explosion parties in the American Southwest.

As local rap crew ¡Mayday! points out in its new "Sweat Shop" music video: "Between 1951 and 1992, there were a total of 928 announced nuclear tests at the Nevada Nuclear Test Site.

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"When testing ended in 1992," the vid's intro adds, "the Energy Department estimated that more than 300 million curies of radiation remained, making the site one of the most radioactively contaminate places in the United States."

Set to a freestyle track off last year's Lords Of The Fly mixtape, produced by EMJ, and directed by ¡Mayday! MCs Bernz and Wrekonize, this clip is a rapidfire montage of massive mushroom clouds, superheated thermal fireballs, and catastrophic blast damage -- all intercut with footage of the two rappers roaming over scorched earth, past rotting animal carcasses, and into a bleak and barren post-apocalytic wasteland, i.e. The Future.

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