Video: Stonefox Playing "Fuzzy Ray" in the Band's Home Studio

On Crossfade, I've been following the Boca rock and rollers of Stonefox as they've worked in their home studio, and prepared for their upcoming July 30 CD release show at Propaganda. (For a refresher, click here for a free MP3 from that new album, Back on the Wire.)

I visited them again recently to record them playing "Fuzzy Ray," which sounds a lot like its name -- dirty and distorted. Hit the jump for the video.

P.S. Local bands: Want to invite Crossfade into the studio to check out your recording sessions? E-mail me here.

I know the audio here leaves something to be desired (oops, early attempts), so here's the final, polished version of the song as it appears on the album.

Visit myspace.com/stonefoxmusic for more about the band's upcoming shows.

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