Upcoming Miami Rappers Blood Type Hook Up with Big K.R.I.T. for "I Have Dreams"

Miami hip-hop, like the city itself, is known for audacious bombast. If Rick Ross doesn't proverbially have his gun up in your face, it's only because Trina is busy popping her booty at it. Most Miami MCs won't cop to still having a dream. They want you to know they're living it. 

Enter Perrine duo Blood Type who cut a much needed departure from the usual 305 chintz, "I Have Dreams." Featuring critically beloved Mississippi M.C. Big K.R.I.T., the track is more for Sunday morning than the strip club.

Blood Type ft. Big Krit - "I Have Dreams"

Yeah, true, it's still about getting that money. But Blood Type repeatedly remind "having money's not everything, not having it is." Which is refreshing, because as relative unknowns from way-down-South-Dade, Blood Type can't stunt like they're swimming in it already. But the pair sure as hell sound like it's going to work hard until it's at least dipping a foot in the pool. 

Meanwhile, rapper/producer XV (who just signed with Warner Bros) takes a sample straight from the easy listening station and surrounds it with sublimely spacey electro trill for a beat that's, well, more than easy to listen to. 

Blood Type dropped the song on its website, coincidently, on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. And hooking up with K.R.I.T. and XV is a sign that those surfer bros may not be the only group from South Florida with a bloody name getting buzz. 

Blood Type's debut album Two Weeks Notice drops soon on its own Lionsface records. In the meantime you can check out the duo's 2009 mixtape MIAlians, and the previously released track "Yung World," also featuring XV, below.

Blood Type ft. XV - "Yung World"

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Kyle Munzenrieder