Ultra Insider Insists No Foul Play: "15,000 Tickets ... 400,000 Attempting to Purchase"

People are really mad at Ultra Music Festival about this early-bird ticket debacle.

Like, seriously ... They're ready to throw down their finger gloves and walk out of this relationship for the last time.

The fans are tired of what they see as "the marketing tactics of a greedy business that takes advantage of their customers, with no regard to their safety or well being." (Thanks, silvershady22!)

But the Ultra people insist it's not their greed standing in the way, but plain old numbers.

UPDATE We here at Crossfade have got an idea for Ultra organizers: It's time for ticket layaway.

UPDATE #2 Ultra 2014 has finally commented on its "necessary price increase" and established a "Fan Experience Committee."

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"Over 15,000 early bird and advance tickets were sold," says a source involved in Ultra ticket sales who asked to go unnamed. "Over 400,000 people were attempting to purchase tickets, so obviously the vast majority of people were disappointed."

Now, I'm not good at math, but it looks like demand was higher than supply. Also, that's a lot of people on one site at one time, and we're not IT experts, but it might be enough to ruin your ticket-buying experience.

But aren't they price gouging and taking advantage of the fans by raising prices to such insane heights? Are three days of UMF worth about $500 after fees and taxes?

Well, that's a personal opinion. The 6,983 Facebook users who've joined Boycott Ultra agree that the general-admission and VIP ticket prices are just too damn high.

Yet at this point, demand appears stable. And considering how crowded the festival grounds were last year, we'd imagine Ultra Music Festival can afford to turn some people away.

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