Ultra Bingo: Glowsticks

OMFG, the Ultra Music Festival grounds are littered with glowsticks. There are red ones, blue ones, green ones, bright ones, dull ones, dead ones, smashed ones, fat ones, skinny ones, short ones, long ones, and some you don't even want to touch for fear of dibutyl phthalate contamination and STDs.

So ... The Ultra Bingo square dedicated to the ever-iconic glowstick could have been the easiest to stamp. But we said, "No. Screw that shit. We're not taking the quick and simple way out. We wanna bring something worthwhile to our readers."

And so, we now proudly present ... A middle-aged Miami-Dade paramedic raving out during Underworld's Main Stage set and wildly waving not one, not two, not three, but four glowsticks atop his golf-cart-slash-ambulance.

He was happily posing for photos. But we may have heard him say, "I hope no one at the office sees these pictures on Monday."

With Ultra shaved logo, sunglasses at night, Deadmau5 head, non-relevant '80s band, and now glowsticks gone ... We're starting to worry about sugar daddies and the ever-elusive bro-on-bro PDA.

Download the high-resolution PDF version of Ultra/Miami Music Week 2011 bingo card.

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S. Pajot