Uffie Is On Steroids

Ah, Uffie, the Ed Banger artist who claims she is from Miami originally but whose story doesn't exactly add up. What we know is true is that Uffie at one point attended Nova High School in Davie, but she has admitted to moving around a lot as a child, so her time spent in South Florida might be negligible.

Still, she name drops her "hometown" in several songs and was even drawn on the cover of her First Love/Brand New Car release wearing a Miami Dolphins pin. We'd like to ask her about the holes in her Miami story but last time she was in the Magic City was to perform during Winter Music Conference in 2006, avoiding the city ever since.

Not that it matters where she comes from; she already has proven she can drop awkward rhymes with a bratty attitude over electro beats courtesy of fellow Ed Banger artists Mr. Oizo and Feadz. So we are sure she was glad to return the favor to Mr. Oizo on the track "Steroids" off his upcoming November release Lambs Anger. The French DJ/producer isn't exactly known for his dancefloor friendly tracks, in fact, his work tends to be so avant-garde that plenty of people find it hard to swallow. So is "Steroids" a signature Uffie track? No. Is it good? Depends what your idea of good is.

var so = new SWFObject("http://media.miaminewtimes.com/players/vvmMiniPlayer.swf?audioFile=http://media.miaminewtimes.com/2637093.0.mp3&autoPlay=no","theSWF", "91", "32", "8", "#FFFFFF");

so.write( "player_2637093" );

Mr. Oizo featuring Uffie "Steroids"

-- Jose D. Duran

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