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Trina at Mansion September 22

Trina at Mansion September 22
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As the Magic City's Diamond Princess makes perfectly clear on her newish pretty-girl party track, "Red Bottoms (Long Heels)," she's the boss. And you ain't.

"These niggas gonna love what I'm dressed in/dressed up and looking so sexy," she raps. "Six inches, red bottoms, long heels, I got 'em/When I say steppin' they start to jump right... I'm stacked, I'm bad, I'm thick."

In other words, she's got the crown and you're just a joker. So if you really wanna spend the night with Ms. Trina, you better come prepared to pamper your princess. Empty your bank account, buy yourself some grown folks' clothes, rent an Aston Martin from Exotic Car Rentals, hire a designated driver with a clean record, and cruise over to SoBe's premier party palace, Mansion, for a night of pink drinks, "Red Bottoms," and subservience to lady rap royalty.

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