Top Ten Totally Ridiculous Celebrity DJs

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10. Hulk Hogan

Recently, this picture of the macho mustache man made its way around the Internet to the shock of many a serious raver. The idea of the Hulk droppin' beats instead of bodies seemed too ridiculous to be true. And it is. Turns out, it's really his son, Nick Hogan, who is taking up turntables. Not sure the reality is much better though.

9. Lil Wayne

This video claims to be a clip of "Lil Wayne DJ's NYE 2012 @ Dream Night Club in South Beach." But here's what we don't understand ... How is he DJing if he's not doing anything? It looks like the guy next to him is wearing the headphones and trying to show him what to do. But Weezy just keeps MCing. And maybe it's better that way.

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