Top Ten Dance Moves at Ultra Music Festival 2012 in Animated GIF!

Have you ever stripped down to your underwear or less, hit a municipal park, gotten drunk and drugged, and done the Sweaty Uhntz-Uhntz at 169 BPMs while 163,000 people watched?

Nah, beat freak. We ain't talking about public sex. Just dancing at Ultra Music Festival.

Over the weekend, we here at Crossfade witnessed all kinds of sick, dirty, funny, weird, embarrassing, stupid, and sexy ass-shaking techniques.

Check the cut for animated GIFs of Ultra 2012's top ten dance moves.

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10. The Rabbit

Dancing to: Erick Morillo
Look, Vanilla Ice's son is all grown up, and he dances just like his dad!

9. The Bouncy Bear

Dancing to: Hard Rock Sofa
Tattooed bikini girls in furry boots and animal hats are a dime a dozen at Ultra. So what sets this one apart? Ask the Celtics jersey.

8. The Wobble Head
Dancing to:
Bloody Beetroots
Sure, the bone-crunching bass left her with a broken neck. But now she can swing her head 360 degrees.

7. The Running Bull
Dancing to:
Back in Texas, they'd have shot him for busting this move. But sometimes a bull gets sick of the bullshit.

6. The Belly Strut
Dancing to:
Rhoan Troy
Hey, just think of all the money she saves on shirt laundry.

5. The Juggler
Dancing to:
The Eco Village
If these were numchucks, you'd be totally dead right now. But instead, you just wanna boogie.

4.The Circle Stomp
Dancing to:
Joachim Garraud
Careful lady, your shoes are high as fuck.

3. The Banana Man

Dancing to: The Main Stage

Sure, he's got suspenders, a cape, oversized funny glasses, and a rodent's nose. But this dude would not even exist without the banana chain.

2. The Bass Face
Dancing to:
12th Planet
They come from an ultraviolent future. You got a problem with that? Huh? They will dance you to death.

1. The Rockstar

Dancing to: Bloody Beetroots

You know you're in America when some guy who can work an MP3 player while wearing a pair of panties on his face makes triple your yearly income in an hour.

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