Toothpaste Man and Nine More Crazies at Ultra 2013 in Animated GIF!

So you wanna dress up like a giant tube of toothpaste and do the Tootsie Roll dance? Well, get a new idea. 'Cause Toothpaste Man at Ultra Music Festival 2013 already beat you to it.

Fear not, though, there are plenty of other wacky characters you can dress as next year.

Here are the craziest ones we saw to give you some ideas.

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10. Toothpaste Man

Finally, the dental association comes up with a campaign that will get people brushing again.

It's like: Hell yeah, let's party

9. Dinosaur Head

Luckily for Ultra, the Poplockasaurus never went extinct.

It's like: Luckily, neither did the furry boot vixen

8. Bunny Girls

The neon forest would just not be the same without them.

It's like: Give peace a chance

7. Batman and Friends

Fuck the bullshit. Fighting crime can be so lame. Sometimes, Batman just wants to dance.

It's like: Ya tu sabe. Dale!

6. Turtle Power

Pizza, pizza, pizza, pizza! (BTW, in turtle, "pizza" means "molly.")

It's like: Even being the worlds most fearsome fighting teens will still probably not get you a date with these chicks

5. Triple Stack

"Yo, I know I'm the tallest, but why I always gotta have your balls on the back of my neck?"

It's like: I'ma rage

4. Stilt Creature

And this move is called "Everybody Smell My Crotch."

It's like:I'm just tryin' to chill here

3. Swing Dancer

Nothin' to see here, folks. Just a naked pink spirit animal techno-steppin' near a knockoff Spiderman and some tourists.

It's like: America rules

2. Elefante

Those ballet lessons were totally worth it. That is an awesome spin move.

It's like: But hers is better

1. Major Lazer

Grown man in a hamster ball, stepping on teenagers who love him for it. Stay Diplo, Diplo.

It's like: And people of Ultra, please, never stop dancing.

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