Tip Drill and Skrawberry, Miami's Busiest Strippers, Release a Rap Single

Miami-area superstrippers Tip Drill and Skrawberry are on a guerrilla campaign to educate the world about their naked debauchery.

First, they stole the show at a South Beach filming of MSNBC's Morning Joe. Then they broke down the Republican primary field for Riptide, and we can no longer think of Newt Gingrich as being anything other than a "hackler."

Now they have a rap single. When do these ladies find time to artfully disrobe?

It's a "strip-mix" to Tyga's "Rack City." Tip Drill's flow sounds surprisingly professional when she raps about sliding down the pole like a fireman, and then Skrawberry gets all Nicki Minaj shrill-and-crazy when she declares that "his pockets so full he can hit it from behind."

Are we just blinded by love? Or do Tip Drill and Skrawberry ride this beat a lot better than Tyga did?

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