Throwback Video: Miami Disco Band Hemlock Performs on KidsWorld, 1979

Hemlock was a Miami disco band in the late '70s that had a hit dance single called "Disco Break." It got them a 12-inch record pressed by Warner Bros., and a soundtrack credit on a teen comedy called Swap Meet

We found Hemlock on YouTube in a video uploaded earlier today by a user named Herbiethefatfury. We're not sure if Herbie was in the band, but here's how he describes himself: "A struggling husband and father, struggling writer, struggling musician, struggling filmmaker, struggling student, and an accomplished struggler." So, basically the type of dude you might expect to be posting Miami disco band videos from the '70s ... although it maybe sounds like us in 20 years.

The footage is from a performance on a Miami broadcast program called

Kidsworld. The young announcer at the beginning of the clip explains

that Hemlock were just in Hollywood recording the soundtrack for a

movie. Turns out Swap Meet

did in fact come out and Hemlock do get the original music credit.

Online movie reviewer Revenge Is My Destiny describes the film thusly, "Nutty teen comedy

exploring the wacky hijinks to be found at the weekly swap meet. Okay,

so high concept it isn't. But before being too hard on someone's idea

of centering a movie around a swap meet try to understand that this was

made long before eBay, back when shopping malls were a new concept and

pocket calculators were cutting edge technology. Plus, did we mention

the titties? Yep, there's some titties in this one. And God bless 'em,

they NEVER go out of style."

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