Throwback Tuesdays: N.O.R.E.--"Oye Mi Canto"

Did anybody see N.O.R.E. this past weekend at the Rock the Bell's concert over the weekend? Dude needs to lay off all that mofongo and pollo a la plancha!! Naw, I'm kidding. Although N.O.R.E. definitely looked way heavier than he needed to be, he definitely came out and rocked it with Redman and Method Man in the middle of their set, and then waddled back off stage.

Anyway, so I'm diggin' in the crates of old YouTube videos and I came across one of my favorite N.O.R.E. tracks of all time..."Oye Mi Canto," his combo track with Nina Sky (love them) and Puerto Rican reggaeton star, Daddy Yankee. It's a classic song, and back when it first came out in 2004, it was N.O.R.E.'s first reggaeton song ever. It's kind of cool to see N.O.R.E. exploring his Puerto Rican roots via music these days rather than just rapping as Noreaga, his old stage name, which he had to switch up for legal reason. Since the dude lives somewhere here in South Florida, it's the perfect jump-off for Throwback Tuesdays. Enjoy.

--Jonathan Cunningham

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