Throwback Tuesdays: MURS & 9th Wonder--"Murray's Revenge"

So here's a really cool music video that describes my Tuesday night almost perfectly. Middleweight hip-hop champ MURS is in town tonight playing a show at Churchill's Pub and anybody that's never seen the West Coast veteran live should consider going. He's an indie hip-hop legend in the vein of Madlib or the Pharcyde and his catalog runs deep.

He's got one of the most eccentric personalities in hip-hop, and I'll never forget the first time I met him at a show in Detroit. A fight broke out in the audience, and MURS announced from the stage that "I ain't with that violence shit at my shows" then got off the stage, shoved one dude to the ground, head-butted the other guy in the face, stunned both of them, then went back up on stage and kept rocking as if nothing had happened. And yeah, I've pretty much been a MURS fan from that moment forward.

So he's performing tonight at Churchill's--and the only conflict of interest for me is that there's also a good heavyweight fight at the Seminole Hard Rock Casino that I want to watch with Jamaican fighter Glen Johnson taking on Tiwon Taylor. Aww, decisions!

Randomly, the really well-crafted video above combines both of these sports (hip-hop and pugilism) in an old-school way that's perfect for Throwback Tuesday's. Enjoy.

--Jonathan Cunningham

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