Three New Pitbull-Featuring MP3s: "Gimme a Bottle" and Two More

Before Lil Wayne went away, as they say, he was the omnipresent rapper. Lil Wayne was on everything, to the point that when our sister paper the OC Weekly ran this (what seemed obviously) satirical story saying he would collaborate on a High School Musical soundtrack, people actually believed it. 

Now, the stay at Rikers has hampered his output a little bit, although not completely; who else would literally phone in a new verse from prison? In his absence, though, Miami's own Cubanito made good, Pitbull, seems to be stepping up as both the Guest Star on Everything and Most Ridiculously Prolific Working Rapper. 

As proof, here are three tracks for your downloading pleasure. The first is Pitbull by himself, on "Gimme a Bottle," a Jim Jonsin-produced track that samples the White Stripes' "Seven Nation Army." 

Like so many other Pit tracks, it's a party jam with a chant-along chorus, in time to the Stripes' unforgettable riff: "Gimme a bottle, and a motherfucking cup / So me and my dogs can get WHAT? / Fucked up!" Jack White would probably not approve, but he seems to have lost all sense of humor lately, anyways.

Next up, here's one that's kind of a slower, almost-ballad, built on a sort of freestyle/electro-lite track. It also features some rather heartfelt singing from both Pitbull and featured artist B.O.B. The track already appeared on last year's album Rebelution, but perhaps it's meant to be the last single pushed from the record. This is also produced by Jim Jonsin; the tinkling synth melody gives it away.

Finally, he appears here as a guest star on Usher's "DJ Got Us Fallin In Love." It's another slice of hip-hop/R&B/dance-pop crossover of the style that Pit has helped perfect, and which now dominates airwaves.


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