Three Is Still the Magic Number

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The three demonstrate the beauty of such profound vocal familiarity when they burst into an a cappella performance of "Pero Te Amo" ("But I Love You"), during an interview at the Airport Hilton. "What will I do to fool my heart?" the siblings ask, their heads bent close. "What will you do hide your emotion?" Taking the first voice, Jesus closes his eyes with emotion: "If your words keep turning into poems./And my poems keep turning into song."

From the Bolivarian project of Los Tri-O to the brother act of Los Hidalgo, the three parts of the trio turn the diverse genres of Latin-American music into a single sustained harmony. "We're not salseros; we're not merengueros," explains Jesus Hidalgo. "Our music is a kind of pressure cooker for contemporary music."

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Celeste Fraser Delgado