Miami Rockers Analog Release Their First Full-Length Record

Analog Esteban Gomez
Rock music is falling in popularity nationwide. But Miami’s rock scene, while small, has maintained a strong underground following for decades — and lately, it's growing. Local rock outfit Analog has been a huge part of that community and its resurgence. Now, the band has released its first full-length album, Portable People, which explores the group's unconventional psych-rock sound.

Analog's latest single, “Tame,” exemplifies the newer sound the band has been developing for the last couple of years. The song takes on a more psychedelic feel while retaining the original elements of '80s and '90s rock that feature heavily throughout the group's discography.

The band describes the video for the single, which was released June 28, as a "story of a steamy high stakes affair, the betrayal soon turning deadly when uncovered.” Watching it is an erotic, psychedelic experience that captivates you with its accompanying plot and imagery — and includes a major twist at the end sure to leave viewers in disbelief.

Started in 2012 during lead vocalist and guitarist Albae Camino’s final year in college, Analog began as a cover band playing house parties and South Beach bars. Before long, its members decided to explore composing and writing their own music and realized they wanted to become more serious musicians.

Consisting of Camino, Esteban Gomez on lead guitar/ambient vocals, Juan Manuel Gonzalez on bass, and drummer Tekilla, the group went through several incarnations before they finally found the members and sound they were looking for.

Asked what the inspiration was for this video, Camino said he wanted to make viewers feel and think, rather than merely show the band performing. Instead, he wanted to tell a story — but its meaning depends on who's watching.

“Look into it and you tell me what’s it about. It doesn’t matter what intention I [had for] the tune or the band [had for] the tune. Everyone’s going to project their own perception on it," he says. "I would actually want to ask you what you think it sounds like.”

Portable People will be the band's first full-scale release since its debut EP, Extended Pleasure, back in 2014. The new project includes some reworkings of previous songs as well as new material that steps away a bit from the group's old sound.

Portable People has been in the works for the last few years, Camino says, with the band seeking a new drummer and being delayed by Hurricane Irma in 2017. But the end result is worth the wait.

Listeners will be able to hear the new album in its entirety starting July 5, with an album-release party happening that night at 1306.

Analog Record-Release Show. 9 p.m. Friday, July 5, at 1306, 1306 N. Miami Ave., Miami; No cover.
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