The Vagabond Miami: Five Classic Memories From the Fifth Anniversary Party

A canopy of black and white balloons welcomed ladies in headbands and coral and purple tribal-printed dresses, and men in blue plaid button-downs and straw fedora hats as they made their way through the doors of the Vagabond Miami.

Celebrating its fifth birthday, the 30 NE 14th Street watering hole threw a two-day bash overflowing with free booze, live music from local bands, Burlesque dancers in black corsets and matching top hats, and a woman walking around with white, pink, and black body paint canvassed all over her frame.

Sure the Vagabond has seen plenty of weird nights, indie acts, and wild parties, but its down-to-earth vibe is what gives weight to it's name.

In the spirit of the club's five-year anniversary, here are five classic Vagabond memories, according to the party animals at the Downtown hot spot.

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Random, In-Depth Conversations

"When it first opened, I remember having this deep conversation with some random guy about psychology," recalled Maggie Curiel who was lounging by the day beds on the outdoor patio.

"There was some popular psychology test at the time, and we just started talking about it," she smiled.

Watching Old School Artists Perform, While Heavily Intoxicated

"It's funny, we were just talking about that," said Dexter Morrisson, who was standing by the fire pit with his friend, about his wildest Vagabond moment.

"Earlier this year, I saw "Little" Louie Vega," he said.

"How was it?"

"He impregnated three women that night," joked his friend.

"I don't remember much. I was high at first and then got really drunk. It was a good night. That's all I remember," Morrisson laughed.

Winter Music Conference

Amanda Ersto was dancing with her friend near the outside DJ booth.

"I like coming during Winter Music Conference because of all the people they bring, the old school drum and bass artists," Ersto said as she took a sip from her drink.

The Vibe

Somehow, Marjie and Caro always manage to end up at the Vagabond.

"The music is always on point, it hits you," Marjie said. "You can be creative with what you wear and the bouncers and bar tenders are always nice."

"They always compliment you," added Caro.

"The drinks are cheap, there's no drama, and the view of Downtown is the best," Marjie said as she pointed toward the moonlit skyline.

Watching Local Bands Steal the Show

"We were gang banging this place," said Rod who was bustin' moves with his rapper friend.

"We've had so many crazy moments here. Let me think," he paused.

"Oh, I have a good one for you. When Arboles Libres [now Eagle Chief] did their CD release party, Nacho [the lead singer] went crowd surfing," recalled Rod.

"How did that happen?"

"During the interlude in between his last song, he looked at the crowd, they looked back, and he just jumped on the crowd with his guitar."

Only at the Vagabond.

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