P.C.P. (Pre Campaign Propaganda)">

"The Precursor" Off Serum's Upcoming Album P.C.P. (Pre Campaign Propaganda)

I get a lot of complaints (or suggestions) that I don't promote local hip-hop enough. And I apologize.

But as a matter of fact, I've really been enjoying the local stuff recently. So much so, that outside of my usual appreciation for old-school rap (say '83 through '94), the only hip-hop I've been spinning is stuff that's made right here in our own community.

Just take Serum's "Precursor," a cut with a gruff delivery, like a fucking drill sergeant who delivers the goods.

This track is from Serum's upcoming effort P.C.P. (Pre Campaign Propaganda) and it features Manifesto and Self the Soulfuric on a production by Stijn Beats. It is a paranoid orchestral echo mixed with a delusional spoken-word sample that sounds like Kool Keith meeting the Wu Tang Clan on a fear and loathing hell-ride.

Let's hope the full album hits my hands soon!

Serum - The Precursor ft. Self the Soulfuric and Manifesto (produced by Stijn Beats) by TyrannoSerumRecords

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