The Pharcyde's Slimkid3 Explains Every Track From Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde

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"If I Were President"

"We would kind of open up the mic and freestyle for hours and talk about anything and everything. It's what was in our heart at the time. Like, if I was president, I would do things to help the people. People wouldn't be fuckin' broke as a joke. It was things that the collective would love to do to help the world to be a better place by eradicating this modern-day slavery shit. What would anyone do if they were president? Not on the elite level -- they would stay doing the same fuckin' thing, which is to oppress the people."

"Soul Flower"

"This was all about smoking weed, of course. We would always have these little weed breaks. J-Swift's brother was named Pedro. He had this green VW van that we would always go in and smoke weed and tell jokes. I didn't really smoke as much weed as everybody else. And I would always need my magic baseball cap to keep me inside my body. That's what 'Soul Flower' was, getting high in the bus. We'd also listen to music and called it the 'red light special.' J-Swift and Pedro would listen to some jazz music all night long, smoking weed, popping pills, talkin' about girls."

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