The One and Only Ony

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Club and radio response in South Florida, however, has been modest. "It seems to me that local DJs turn away from something that's not English or German," Ony observes. "Basically, though, it doesn't affect us that much. We try to emphasize to people that we're not a 'Miami label.' There was a time when being a Miami label gave people a very specific idea of what you were doing musically. We're really just people who live in Miami and happen to have a label.

"The important thing is that we stay away from trends," he continues. "There's nothing wrong with being a hip label and having a trendy style that sounds fine today. But what's going to happen a few months down the road? I'm not interested in releasing a bunch of disposable music. I don't want to be like other labels. And since we don't have that many people to answer to, we're not afraid of anything. We can do exactly what we want to do, and I think there are a lot of people out there who appreciate that.

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John Floyd