The King Is Dead's Live Series Continues This Weekend With the Elastic Bond and the Big Bounce

Grass and the King is Dead hosted a pretty epic WMC week, with big-deal parties like the Ghostly International 10-year anniversary party, and another Luciano/Cadenza event. Still, the King is Dead had been moving in a new, welcomed direction, hosting live music every weekend, and it was back to business this past weekend.

This weekend, meanwhile, features a couple of treats. Friday, April 9 the venue hosts the Elastic Bond, led by the enchanting and appropriately named Sofy Encanto. The band has been pretty quiet on the live circuit recently, with just a show at the Florida Room in March, so welcome them back. 

On Saturday, April 10, the Big Bounce continues its triumphant run through the city on the heels of the release of its debut album, Champagne and Apple Juice. If you missed the group's sold-out release party recently at the Colony Theater, definitely check this one out, as they'll perform with a full band. 

Cover is free, just bring a wad for the drinks, and don't get too comfortable in those banquettes... They're criminally comfortable and may well lull you to sleep.

The King is Dead, 28 NE 40th St., Miami. 305-573-3355;

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Arielle Castillo
Contact: Arielle Castillo