The Golden Filter at Grand Central, August 21

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The Golden Filter
Saturday, August 21, 2010
Grand Central, Miami

When Goldfrapp released its disco monstrosity, Black Cherry, in 2003. It was heralded as a disco revival, mostly on the heels of the single "Strict Machine." The follow-up, Supernature, would keep the momentum going by taking listeners back to the days of Studio 54, excess, and lots and lots of cocaine. Problem was, no one could say Goldfrapp was doing anything different than what was done in the late '70s. It was basically just rehashing.

But a few years later, a new crop of artists would champion the nu-disco sound, a genre which had its roots in disco but gave it modern twist. The Golden Filter is part of that group. They aren't content in merely recreating the disco vibes, instead feeling the need to make it contemporary and new. This is perhaps why the single "Solid Gold" shot up the Hype Machine charts last year. Here was a track that was shimmery and sexy but full of glitchy tings at the same time.

Seeing it live, along with a myriad of tracks from the debut, Voluspa, and other internet-only singles, had me wondering why the Golden Filter hasn't found as much success as Goldfrapp did at the turn of the century. Fan favorite, "My Favorite Things," kicked off the show. The song is rework of The Sound of Music track that turns it into lush, semi-erotic electro tune. It's classic Golden Filter: whispery vocals coupled with a sleek sonic environment.

Aided by the help of a live drummer, the Golden Filter sounded just as tight and solid in person as they do on their studio tracks -- something audiences tend to either love or hate; me personally, I love it. Tracks like "Hide Me" and the closer "Thunderbird" echoed beautifully in Grand Central's warehouse space. (But let me be clear that when I say "echoing" I mean the vocal effects, because Grand Central is one of the few warehouse-like spaces in Miami that has done a wonderful job in ensuring sound quality is to the highest standard).

Critic's Notebook

Personal Bias: This is my third time seeing the Golden Filter live, so what do you think?

The Crowd: An odd mixture of gays, girls, and bros really digging the sound. See? Music can really unite people. Also, a lot of people came from the Interpol show at the Fillmore Miami Beach since they could get in free with their ticket stub.

Overheard in the Crowd: Honestly, I was so into the music that everyone's voice faded to the background.

Random Notebook Dump: Thanks to copious amounts of alcohol at the Yelp party earlier that evening, my notebook resembles a 5-year-old's coloring book. No setlist either. Sorry, y'all.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.