The Freakin' Hott Has the Best Blog in South Florida

Besides seriously rocking the fuck out, directly channeling an imaginary bastard love child of Kimya Dawson and Bob Stinson, and having the best ass and the prettiest face in the club, respectively, Maggie and Aaron also have the funniest, harshest and

most deliciously cynical blog

in our shitty little awesome armpit of a state.  They don't use their fancy blogspot or wordtypepadtwitter.  It's a plain old myspace dot com blog that spits out commentary on everything from singer songwriters to

Kip Winger

with a special soft spot for

Parker Lewis

.  I tune in whenever a new entry pops up and honestly it's probably the only thing I use MySpace for these days.  Did I mention they are also on a mission to save rock and roll? 

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