The Damon Fowler Group

The namesake guitarist of the Damon Fowler group might look, at first, a little too fresh-faced to really know about the blues. But the cherubic Gen Y-er already boasts more than a decade on the live circuit. Growing up in the Tampa Bay area, he picked up a guitar at age 12. As a young teen, while his friends were digging on the radio flavors of the month, Fowler got into the traditional sounds of the Deep South. Bringing a contemporary sensibility to swampy blues sounds, he became a favorite around Florida thanks in large part to his nimble finger work. Besides the guitar, he also freely pulls out the lap steel, the slide, and the Dobro (a sort of electric-acoustic hybrid with added metal plates for extra resonance).

And though Fowler's group is nominally a blues band, it's not one of those all-too-common, sad barroom crews of wannabes. Instead, the trio has a thoroughly modern, laid-back, and melodic sound that's friendly to both guitar nerds and college kids. His free mixing of blues, roots, contemporary rock, and others should go down especially well with the jam-band set.

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