The Can't Stand Ya's Suffer Punk "Flash Backs"

The Can't Stand Ya's are not exactly new to our scene. These guys have a pretty hefty punk rock rep that most of y'all will recognize if you've ever trolled the scene between Cheers and Churchill's.

Crew members Nick Pfrenger (bass), Todd Slimak (drums) and Adam Gloveless (guitar) used to rock under various handles, including the Knockouts and Stay Hitt and Joe Basick. And for many years, they led different versions of the Basicks that bounced back and forth between South Florida and New York Shitty.

So what we have here is something in the region of those aforementioned acts. It's entirely degenerate in its rock and roll attitude and grievously funny in its adaptation of the popular George Costanza mispronunciation. Fitting alongside the Vindictives, the Bollweevils, and the Rezillos.

MP3: The Can't Stand Ya's - "Flash Backs"

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