The Brady Bunch Predicted Justin Bieber's Most Embarrassing Moments

Justin Bieber is a prepubescent pop star who looks like a butch extra on The L Word. His music is obnoxiously popular and his (hot?) mom's not a big fan of the Jews. Yet despite his faults, America really digs his Tiger Beat brand.

Over the next three days, thousands--if not millions--of tweens, reluctant parents, and socially inept adults will cram into movie theaters for Justin Bieber: Never Say Never, the highly anticipated 3-D biopic opening nationwide tonight. 

Even if Crossfade were a pre-teen girl, we'd never waste two hours on shit-pop. Instead, we'd rather spend two hours getting stoned and trolling YouTube for embarrassing Justin Bieber clips that somehow freakishly correlate with episodes of The Brady Bunch. That's right, The Brady Bunch. Check it after the jump.

Justin "Peter Brady" Bieber

Just like Peter Brady's voice cracked on The Brady Bunch, Bieber's nuts dropped on live TV causing his voice to suddenly Change.

Justin "Oh, My Nose" Bieber

Watch Justin get hit in the face with a water bottle. It's a lot like Marcia catching a football with her nose. It's painfully funny and eerily coincidental.

Justin "Bitch" Bieber

And finally, when Peter's science project erupted all over Marcia's friends, the girls threw a hissy fit. When a New Zealander's soda exploded on Justin, he acted like a dumb bitch. Hence the ultimate connection.

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