Ten Things Deadmau5 Hates Most About EDM

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High Ticket Prices

Deadmau5 the type of dude to write a public, angry letter to one of the biggest dance music festivals in the world about how he totally hates everything it stands for and will never again set foot upon its property, then accept a high bid to play that institution of dance and debauchery the very next year. He's exactly that type of dude.

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When Madonna came out and said the one thing everyone absolutely knows to be obvious -- there's ecstasy at Ultra Music Festival -- Deadmau5, along with the rest of the world, had a shit fit. Maybe it's because she's practically pop music's grandma. Or maybe it's because some people think we're all fucking blind. But apparently, she did a bad thing. In hindsight, it's actually pretty cool, right? Keepin' it trill with the Madge. (But always party responsibly.)

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