Suge Knight / Kanye West Lawsuit Stemming From 2005 Shore Club Shooting Still Unresolved

It's been five years since former Death Row Records CEO Suge Knight was shot at the Shore Club, a crime that remains unsolved and that put a serious damper on the MTV VMAs' last year in Miami. By last year, though, Knight decided he wasn't going to let it drop, and filed a federal lawsuit against both the venue and Kanye West, who was hosting the festivities there that night.

Although the suit was filed in California, it was transferred to South Florida a couple months ago. In early April, New Times reported:

[Knight claimed] the rapper should be financially responsible for an unsolved 2005 shooting at a party he hosted at South Beach's posh Shore Club that left Knight capped in the femur.

Among Knight's alleged damages: medical bills, expenses including "the cost of a private plane to transport him from Florida back to Los Angeles," and a supposedly $135,000 diamond earring that Knight claims was stolen in the melee.

This past Friday, though, Suge and Kanye decided to meet man to man in a hush-hush private conference in Manhattan to sort things out before a court date set for December 6. Unfortunately nothing really got settled, it seems.

According to the Associated Press, Knight and his lawyers have said West and the Shore Club should have known that the party was likely to "produce a dangerous environment" thanks to its mix of feuding celebrity guests. On Friday, though, West reportedly wasn't having any of it, and left the meeting quickly, both he and his lawyers refusing to comment.

"I figured I could sit him down, man to man, and get this resolved," Knight told the AP. "I'm disappointed."

Still, he sounded relatively upbeat and not that scary: "My whole thing is: I'm not here to put nobody behind bars. It's time for more positive now," he said.

The Shore Club has also continued to deny any negligence in the matter. But will Kanye eventually cave in and pay up? Even though his circumstances may be somewhat reduced these days, nobody wants Suge Knight as an enemy.

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