South Florida According to Brooklyn: The South Florida Bike Scene is on the Upswing

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I want to talk about the bike scene in South Florida again, because there have been some really good events lately. We just did open sprints two weeks ago at Keirin Cycles in Miami Beach. Then this past weekend in Ft. Lauderdale we had the Call to Cranks event. It was a bicycle weekend done by Jared who does Heart of Gold clothing line. One day we had an alley cat race. The next day we had bike polo and bike sprints. On Memorial Day, we had a barbecue at the velodrome in Brian Piccolo Park, but that got rained out.

The weekend was a great success. It brought a lot of people from Florida together, which was awesome and a lot of fun.

But we had some out-of-towners from the rest of the state that just rolled up and thought that their shit didn't stink. The kids from Orlando especially were horrible, a lot of them were arrogant. That's not really what the bike scene is about. I look at these kids and think, "Is this what I want to be involved in personally?" I was thinking this to myself and was kind of embarrassed.

The Fort Lauderdale and the Miami kids were awesome as always, very respectable, and tried to get along with everybody. The St. Pete kids were amazing, and I had the most fun with those kids. It was a great time all around. I just wish that it could be like that more often, united for one common cause, no matter if you ride fixed gear, if you're a roadie, or you ride BMX. It was just an awesome weekend. We had a lot of fun, and there will be more stuff happening like that in South Florida -- just leave your egos at home.

Five Albums I'm Listening to This Week: 1) Into Another, Seemless. 2) Gallows, Orchestra of Wolves. 3) Texas is the Reason, Do You Know Who You Are? 4) Gorilla Biscuits, Start Today. 5) The Evens, Get Even.

Quote of the Week: "You'll never be happy if you continue the search to what happiness consists of. You will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life." -- Albert Camus

-- Brooklyn

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