South Florida According to Brooklyn: Environmental Posers

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What I'd like to talk about today is an event I went to last week at the Bank of America tower downtown in honor of Earth Hour 2009. A friend of mine was working the event, and called me for help at the last second. It was supposed to spread environmental awareness and celebrate Earth Hour, in which you were supposed to switch the lights and everything off during a set time. Mayor Manny Diaz gave a speech and they lit up the tower in green.

I found it very insightful and I even got something out of it. But the thing is this: There were all these people there who drove up in their Benzes, BMWs, or even Bentleys. That's okay, but still, ladies and gentlemen, I had to wonder -- how many of those people really give a shit about their environment? Maybe one or two. If they really did, they would have rolled up on their bicycles or in their environmentally friendly cars. I just think it's a crock of shit that people show up to something like that pretending like they really care.

Diaz made a speech about being more earth-friendly, and hitting light switches when you leave a room. Yeah, Manny, tell that to your maid while she is turning down your blankets and putting mints on your pillow.

The purpose of this is not to hate on anyone for having money or crap like that. It's more like, people who really care, I give you a standing ovation. And to the fake ones, eat a dick.

Five Albums I'm Listening to This Week: 1) Damnation AD, Kingdom of Lost Souls. 2) The AKAs, Everyone Make Some Noise. 3) Earth Crisis, Destroy the Machines. 4) Throwdown, Beyond Repair. 5) Morning Again, Hand of Hope

Quote of the Week: I just really want to say it's up to us to take care of each other, and instead of being not very nice to somebody, try going out of yourway to be nice to somebody today. And have a nice weekend.

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