Song Spotlight: Duece Poppi featuring Rick Ross - "My White Friends"

Longtime Slip-N-Slide signee Duece Poppi has been around the multi-platinum label through all of its phases, from the Trick and Trina golden days, all the way up to its current roster of diverse artists. Bouncing back from Miami and Atlanta, Duece Poppi has established himself as an industry heavyweight. Even though he has sparingly released music through the years, he's kept himself busy as a songwriter for many artists in the industry.

The first offering from Duece Poppi was "Lose Ya Mind" in the early '00s. It was a more traditional, southern-influenced radio record that fit well in that era. However, quite some time has passed since that release and Duece has completely reinvented himself with a new look, new direction, and new approach to his music. For proof, check out his latest song, "My White Friends."

"My White Friends" is definitely targeted towards the rock-rap fusion fans that are in that college-sorority mentality. More than anything, its Duece's ode to all his light-skinned BFFs the world over You know, the ones that get drunk with you, have bar fights with you, and cause chaos at parties with you.

The song was originally released in the summer of 2009, but has now resurfaced as a remix with an appearance from longtime collaborator Rick Ross. On this version, Duece Poppi still lets you know that he's still a cool dude, and still has what it takes to hang with the best of them. Adding Rick Ross to the remix seems like a good move, though, given his and Duece's long history. However, it still seems a bit forced; it still works as a good mixtape song though. Listen and download it below.

MP3: Duece Poppi featuring Rick Ross - My White Friends

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