Six Worst Miami Pick-Up Lines, According to the Ladies

Listen up, fellas ... Pick-up lines rarely work. Most of the time, they are lame, cliché, and straight-up ridiculous.

That also means it takes a lot of courage (or several brewskies) to go up to an attractive lady at a bar and ask her if "it hurt when ya fell from heaven." And no, just because she may laugh, it doesn't mean you won her over. She is laughing at you.

To spare you the ridicule, here's a little piece of advice: If you find a woman by the bar, sippin' on a Sam Adams, a simple, "Hey, how are you?" will work a lot better than asking her if she's tired ... 'Cause she's been running through your mind all night.

Here are six of the worst Miami pick-up lines guys, all of which should never ever be used again.

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Laurie Charles
Contact: Laurie Charles