Shake at the Vagabond Celebrates Its Two-Year Anniversary This Thursday

Staying power on Miami's nightclub scene is a pretty rare thing. Parties like Bandits, Collision, Static, Flamingo, Murk'd, and Sugar Free Fridays couldn't even make it to one year. All of those aforementioned parties had something to offer, and there was nothing wrong with any of them. They just came and went.

But Shake has held down the Vagabond's Thursday night for two years now. In club years, that's nearly a decade. After an iffy start (the misunderstood Ninja Turtle Pizza Party) and some shake ups (I'm talking about me), the party somehow stayed focused and committed to partying on a weekly basis.

The master minds that have kept this party going are Sweat Records' Jason Jimenez, local artiste Aholsniffsglue, and king of the multitask Slim Biscayne. The party was initially branded as an old-school hip-hop night and the intention was to give the Vagabond a house-party vibe.

"So much has changed since we started Shake. It's been two party years, which is ten in real life," says Jimenez. "So many DJs have come and gone."

AHOL adds: "I still can't believe this jam is still going. I wonder how many Colt 45's I've consumed thanks to Shake."

Since it began, the night has been constantly expanding the initial hip-hop concept. Take Rockers vs. Bros, a regular night that pits a local rock group against a local hip-hop act. There have also been fundraisers for Miami South Ridge Senior High, Haiti, and breast cancer -- not to mention theme nights like Ed Hardy Halloween and half-ironic Quinces.

And this Thursday, Shake will celebrate its two-year anniversary during monthly Dubstep jam, Get Low. Two of the biggest showmen in the land of bass -- Daedelus and the Gaslamp Killer from L.A. -- are flying down to big up the festivities. It also happens to be Jimenez's birthday and he promises to bring "proper Scorpio insanity."

Let's hope the party doesn't accidentally stab itself with its own stinger. It's done a pretty good job so far at not killing itself.

Shake Two-Year Anniversary Party as part of Get Low with Daedelus and the Gaslamp Killer. Thursday, November 11. The Vagabond, 30 NE 14th St., Miami. It all starts at 10 p.m. Call 305-379-0508 or visit

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Jose Flores