Seven Things You Need to Know About MMG’s New Rapper, Scrilla

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5. Scrilla’s determination is what made Rick Ross pay attention to him.

Rick Ross has had his eye on Scrilla since the “Dope Boy in Versace” rapper was on the come-up under a local record label. Since adding him to the MMG roster, Ross has put in a lot of work with Scrilla in the studio. During a recent studio session, Rozay explained what initially enticed him to work with Scrilla. “He’s determined,” said Ross. “There’s a certain level of determination. There’s regular determination, and then there’s the niggas that’s not going to accept no. There’s a whole other level for it, and that’s where he’ll go. I’ve seen that in him.”

6. His biggest performance to date was at Rick Ross’ “Port of Miami” show.

Scrilla has had his share of the national limelight, but nothing has been able to top the global exposure he received during Rick Ross’ Tidal X show for the Port of Miami ten-year anniversary. Scrilla says he was in awe of how many veteran artists on the stage — Trick Daddy, Jeezy, Trina, Lloyd, and more — touched the same mike he did for his performance. With thousands of fans watching in the crowd and at home, Scrilla felt like he had the whole world’s attention during his 15-minute set.

7. The deepest words of advice he’s received thus far came from Nas.

Aside from his consistent guidance from his MMG bawse, Scrilla remembers a valuable piece of advice he got from another major player in the rap game, Nasir Jones. Earlier this month, Scrilla flew out to L.A., where he got the opportunity to celebrate Nas’ birthday. When he got to meet with the Queensbridge rapper, he talked to him about his career and the “One Mic” emcee gave him some valuable words of encouragement: “Embrace the culture. Don’t chase, just embrace it,” Nas told Scrilla. He also told him to keep working and grinding hard, which are words Scrilla takes to heart to this day.
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