Seven Songs We Hope Lil Wayne Puts on Tha Carter IV

Still shaken by the brutality and disappointment of election day, America now looks forward to only one thing ... Lil Wayne's release from Riker's Island!

The time has come, Young Moneyians. Within hours, Weezy (AKA Dwayne Michael Carter) will be a free man, escaping the chains of the state prison system as he flies away with his daddy, Birdman, on a private jet that's supposedly housing a recording studio!

Inside sources from the Cash Money Young Money Camp have stated that Wayne has enough material to release 10 full-length albums in one year. Yet everyone is most excited about Tha Carter IV, affectionately known to insiders as C4.

The official release date is still up in the air. But Spring 2011 looks promising. And only today, we were sent an exclusive partial tracklist for this highly anticipated new album that we're so, so, so eager to share with you. Let's all throw up our hands chanting, "FREE WEEZY NO MORE!"

Without further hype, an exclusive leak of seven songs off Tha Carter IV:

1. "Go DA"

A remix of the 2003 hit single "Go DJ." This song is a sarcastic shout-out to the District Attorney who handed Wayne his stint in the pen. Go DA! That's my DA! Watch out, DA!

2. "No More Lollipops"

Enjoying a lollipop outside of prison is OK. But licking on lollipops in prison is not OK in any way. Ever.

3. "iPod = iNot"

We all were a bit shocked when Weezy got some "punitive segregation" last month for carrying "music-listening gear." Dude, it's Weezy! The man needs music more than water!

4. "I Am Not a Human Being (So Why the Fuck Am I in Rikers and Not That Country Club Where Martha Stewart Took Her Mandatory Vacation?)"

A rather long, drawn-out title. But, boy, it definitely sets the record straight.

5. "Locked-Up But Not Locked-Down"

Even though Wayne was imprisoned, he still scored a chart-topper and held down the most-downloaded spot on iTunes for a week in September. Not to mention, he was featured in Drake's "Miss Me" video and almost knocked Jay-Z off President Obama's iPod playlist. Yeah, Weezy's definitely a martian.

6. "(Don't) Drop the World of Soap"

After a harrowing experience, Wayne shares with us why using a bar of soap as a microphone during communal showers was not a good idea.

7. "Mr. Officer"

Another remake of Weezy's "Mrs. Officer" off Tha Carter III. Yeah, talkin' about weee-oh-weee, ain't nothing pretty about it.

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